Monday, March 21, 2011

Good News and a Couple Books

The little crocus leaves are popping up. That's good news item #1. Item #2...this is pure speculation, mind you, and lots of wishful thinking, but....Garrison Keillor has announced that he will retire in two years. Being a Prairie Home Companion fan, I find that to be a bit of sadness. He has not said whether or not the show will continue with a new host. But, the MC of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me,' which is a national public radio program was all over this news on Saturday, and put out the call for us to get behind Mike Perry...OUR Mike Perry as the heir of PHC. Mike just began hosting Big Top Chautauqua, which to me is proper prep work for the next big gig. Come on...he's a natural. Can't you see him falling into place almost seamlessly, with his Foggy Crossing stories? I think Mike has been moving in this direction for a long time, but has kept other options open just in case. We will have to wait and see...but a little nudging note sent to NPR...hmmmmm...could tip the scales.

Now, on to this dreadful book! My buddy, Wayne, has been trying to convince me to read this book for over a year. I have told him repeatedly that books with dogs on the cover always come to no good, and books that begin with weather tend to drag. A double whammy here, a dog and rain on the cover. To be fair, Wayne did admit there are rough patches in the book, but overall, he assured me, I would find it a happy read.

Well, were wrong! After sobbing through the first three pages, I was tempted to call and hurl a few unpleasant phrases in your direction, but chose to walk my dog and calm down instead.

If you haven't read this book, this is what you will find in the beginning. A nice old dog, laying in a puddle of his own urine, is telling his life story on the day of his death. (That's uplifting, huh, Wayne!). The dog is sure he will come back to life as a man, but in doing so, he knows he will lose all his wonderful dog memories. So, he decided to take one last, beautiful look at the life he has lived and the friends he has known. Dogs and weather. Watch for them. Avoid them. I'm warning you.
After abandoning the dying dog in the rain novel, I grabbed a recent Advanced Reader. What a relief. Although I am less than half way, this new author has managed to make me laugh, grimace, and nod my head in recognition. Lucy Hull, a young children's librarian is more or less kidnapped by her favorite 10-year old patron. Ian has run away from home - away from parents who will only allow him to read books that contain the "breath of God"...away from parents who force him to attend a frenetic anti-gay camp led by Pastor Bob. Lucy and Ian travel from Missouri to Vermont with a mysterious man on their trail. This book will be released some time in June. Part of me wishes I had waited to make this my first deck book of the summer, but I am thankful for the palette cleansing it has provided.
Thanks for stopping by. Now go outside and watch for robin and listen to the crocus grow.

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