Monday, April 11, 2011

David Sedaris on Letterman

Here's a short David Sedaris clip from the David Letterman show. I have been a fan of Sedaris for a while now, but it hasn't always been that way. Years ago, when the store first opened, I was intrigued, and somewhat frightened by the cover of Barrel Fever. I attempted to read the first essay, with no success.

Then, Sedaris began turinng up everywhere...on Letterman, in The New Yorker, on tour at the Appleton PAC. Suddenly he had a sort of cult following. The slight little guy, with the funny little voice soon became my go-to writer when I need a laugh, or when I simply don't have time to concentrate on a more complex plot. Over time, I have found that he is not for everyone, and I have to be careful about recommending his work with reckless abandon.

So, enjoy this clip. Maybe you will become a fan of this guy who won't put a decent bio on his website.

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