Friday, April 13, 2012

Reminders and Rants

This is my friend Emma. She visits me at the store, and she and her little sister, Maddie, contribute to my fine art collection by creating priceless works for me. When her schedule permits, Emma and I go to breakfast or lunch together. Everyone should have a friend like Emma.

Seeing her all curled up, content and reading makes me restless for those approaching lazy afternoons on the deck with a book. Lazy, for sure...but never long enough. This summer I plan to put unnecessary, perceived obligations on hold, turn off the TV and the phone, and catch up. With friends, with books, with whatever comes my way. The French Lieutenant's Woman will take precedence over dust bunnies, and The Mysterious Benedict Society (numbers 2, 3 and 4) stand of good chance of trumping laundry, dishes, and tossing molding, indefinable what-nots from the refrigerator. Oh, I am so looking forward to a summer of irresponsibility. Will you join me?

People have been asking, so I will respond ...I have read 30 pages of Fifty Shades of Gray. What a pile of crap...not worthy of italics, or bold. I could have gotten through more if the writing had been at least as sophisticated as a twelve-year-old's, but alas, no such luck. Had there been some humor, maybe I would have gotten to page 40 or so, but again, no sign of that form of redemption, either. Go ahead, call me a prude. Call me a lit snob. Whatever. I remember high school days of sneaking around with a copy of Peyton Place and Harrison High, both better written, and slightly more subtle. Perhaps this trendy new book has the same appeal for those who are basically non-readers.

I don't have this book in stock, but have had several inquiries. Most people seem to need the book urgently, so ordering it is not an option. One woman who did choose to order it said she just wanted to read it because of the controversy surrounding it. I say, if you want to know about the controversy, read some of the press releases. If you want to read the book, be a grown up, stand up proudly and declare...hey, give me that spectacularly rauncy, how-to book that all the fancy ladies on west coast are reading cuz I have needs. I have needs now!

OOPS! That was crossing quickly into rant world. Go ahead, have some fun. Read the book, but really, I don't think it would make a good selection for your church book discussion group. But then again....

What am I reading...You gotta be kidding! Heart-A-Rama starts next week. I'm reading scripts, and emails from directors. Get your tickets at the Pig in Manitowoc or at Inman's in Two Rivers.