Monday, April 9, 2012

What's She Up To?

Thanks goodness, it's Heart-A-Rama time and You-Know -Who (YKW) has stepped away from the computer long enough for me to get my paws on it. Suddenly, a pile of books has appeared on the table next to YKW's favorite reading chair. There's Spencer Quinn's fourth Chet and Bernie book which I wish she had the good sense to read aloud to me. Love books about my kind of people, you know. I tried to relate that message to her, even bit her to get attention; you can guess how well that worked. I just got my ears pinned back and she stuck her nose right back in that book with a picture of Chet on the cover, The Dog who Knew Too Much.

Pickwick Papers
is also on the pile. YKW likes to read something called a Dickens each year. I thought this was Heart-A-Rama time, but it must be Dickens times, too. There's also a big book called The Story of God - the Bible as a Novel. That's a slow mover. I can tell because it usually ends up at the bottom of the pile.

She's been writing a lot lately. Not this blog stuff for you all, just writing other stuff. Click, click, click. She pounds on those keys. disturbs my sleep. The faster she pounds, the louder I snore. One of us will win.

I haven't been reading much myself...too busy watching the squirrels, and early birds that fly around in the back yard for me. Hoops, the neighbor's cat walks through my yard every couple days. I bark. He sees me in the window, fluffs his tail, and goes on his way. I don't like Hoops much, but it breaks up the day.

Anyway...YKW might not be writing much the next couple weeks because of the show that's right around the corner. She tells everyone to get tickets at Fox's Piggly Wiggly in Manitowoc at Inman's Jewelers in Two Rivers. Totally without my permission, she put my picture in the program. I'm gonna pin her ears back as soon as I get taller.