Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Dog Blog Time!

Boy oh boy.  That Barney Saltzberg.  Finally, a guy who knows that us furry people need and deserve glasses as much as the not so furry types.  But, why he looked past the wonderulness of me for his main dog, I'll never know. 

Arlo is a nice name, though, and the name of my friend Terri's mom.  Arlo is probably an OK dog and this is a very good book.  I first started it on Saturday and am already on page 5. Zippin' right through this one.    Arlo likes to play but he just can't seem to find the ball once it is in play.  I always find it.  When You-Know-Who throws it, I go and stand by it so she knows where it is and will come and pick it up to throw it again.  Then I run and stand by it and she comes and picks it up and throws it again.  Then I go and stand by it and she comes and picks it up and throws it again.  Then I am tired and walk away.  YKW throws it anyway.  I do not budge.

I cheated a little and nosed my way through all the pages.  There are things to pull to make the ball fly.  My dog pals can even take a doggie eye test and try on glasses to find a pair that will make them look almost as cool as I look in mine.  Of course, they will have to make their own eyebrows and mustaches.

If you need glasses, it would be a good idea to take your dog friends  with you for a check up.  If she gets to see better, then she can read books like me.  Since I got my specs, I feel like a super hero movie star.  I also have these books ready to read after I finish the one about Arlo:

Can I Have Another Treat?
Virginia Woof
Dog Tired
How Long do I Have to Sit and Stay?
Dog Gone with the Wind
The Old Dog and the Bone
To Chase a Mockingbird
Fifty Shades of Milkbones
Winnie the Pooh in the Yard

Nice chatting with you.  Gotta go.  Really, I gotta go.

GB (AKA Mrs. George Burns)