Monday, June 10, 2013

The Flanders Panel

Beating up on Dan Brown two weeks in a row seems especially unfair, but I sure didn't plan it that way.  After years of moving The Flanders Panel to the bottom of my read-one-of-these-days pile, it was time.   I read The Club Dumas by the same author years ago, and although it challenged me,  I won the battle. 

This book is shaping up to be a mystery with all the trappings of The DaVinci Code, only better.  Don't get me wrong, I liked The Da Vinci Code, but was mostly facinated by the masonic history, and the explosion of information on Opus Dei and other organizations I never knew existed.  For me, the  mystery at the center of the story was secondary to all that. 

Flanders focuses on the efforts a fine art historian/restorer, to solve a 500 year old murder.  Julia uncovers a cryptic message reading "Who killed the knight?"  buried in a Flemish painting depicting a chess game between the Duke of Ostenburg and his knight.   Her curiosity moves her to do some amature sleuthing, leading to a series of murders committed in quick succession. 

Of course, I'm not done, so I can't tell you if the resolution is satisfying, but so far, so good.  Oh, at times the characters seem flimsy, that coming through mainly in the dialogue, but I credit that to the translation.  If you liked The DaVinci Code, I am quite sure this book will work for you.  The cover tells me it was made into a movie called "Uncovered" starring Kate Beckensale. 

****I have tons of Heart-A-Rama news to share on the HAR blog as soon as I find some time to catch up.  We have a theme, and plans are moving forward for the show we're doing with UW-Manitowoc.

*****Yes, I still have fun store news to share, but am waiting for the go-ahead from someone else.  By the time I write about it, I think many of you might already know...since not everyone is as good at keeping mum when told to do so as I am!

*****My dog GB (Mrs. George Burns) turns 12 this month.  She apparantly partied long into the night last night.  When I got up this morning, she had toys all over the living room and hall.  Generally, she ignores most of her toys, sticking to an overstuffed., pink jalapeno pepper with an obnoxious squeeker.  Last night the yellow sheep, a giraffe, a Lambchop puppet, and a long, hairy green critter joined the festivities.  Over the years, she has managed to comandeer two fleece throws as her own, and they were all cattywompus also.  Glad she had a good time.  Spring rejuevenates us all.

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