Monday, May 12, 2014

A Complete Education

Heart-A-Rama left me with little time to read, and on those weeks, I spend time reading new kids' books, kids' books I might have missed over time, and favorite book from my kidhood.  Whether you had Golden books as a child or not, the wisdom on these pages is eloquent and simple, accompanied by warm-fuzzy illustrations.

Diane Muldow, longtime editor of the Little golden Books realized that there is hardly a real-life situation these whimsical books don't address.  She has paired the best advice from the collection and paired them with iconic art work resulting in a book that belongs on every coffee table.  I would love to quote the entire book here for you, but I am pretty sure that would be some sort of crime.  Instead, I'll give you first couple words of advice, and you'll see how perfectly true and important they are -

Is your life starting to feel like a circus?
Don't panic
Today's a new day!
Get dressed first thing. (Sweatpants are bad for morale.  Put on something nice.)
Have some pancakes.
Get some exercise every day.
go for a joyride.
Bird watch.
Treat yourself.

That's just the beginning.  You'll find yourself agreeing with each sentiment, and then sitting back, taking a deep breath and wondering why....why do we demand so much of ourselves?   What's the rush?   Why do we fill our days with doing rather than living?  What do we miss each day because we are blind to the little things in our lives?  How much do we file until tomorrow?

This little book is packd with wisdom about work, play, generosity, humility, thankfulness, happiness and much, much more.

What am I reading?  Don't laugh.  Don't Kill the Birthday Girl:Tales from an Allergic Life.  Silly me.  I thought between these pages I might find a way to stop the itchy eyes, drippy nose, popping ears and constant dizziness that come each spring and fall.  Instead, I have found a solid memoir enhanced with all sorts of interesting info on why allergies are increasing worldwide.  Now if you'll excuse me...I have to sneeze.

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