Monday, May 19, 2014

Remember Tina Kugler?  She and her husband, Carson, lived in Manitowoc for several and owned Tweedle Brothers, a indie children's bookstore.  Both are exceptional artists, and now you can own a bit of Tina's work in The Change Your Name Store, which she illustrated.

Wilma Lee Wu would like a new name and so she goes name shopping.  She tries on several new names, each of which takes her on an adventure to a far away land.  Scattered throughout the book are names of Lakeshore kids - Teak, Molly and more - all friends of the Kugler kids.

Last week I was reading this book to my three year old friend Dakota while her dad talked with another customer.  Dako's mom is Japanese and several words in that language jumped out at her.  When Wilma tried on the name Sami al Sala, she was whisked to an open air market in Bahrain.  this was Dako's favorite page.  She said "Jey Bev, a supermarket, just the Piggly Wiggly."  (Yes, she did use the word supermarket!) Then she spotted the camel - which she mistook for a horse- and asked her dad if they could go and look for the horses at the Pig.  
 Leanne  Shirtleffe's book is one to fall in love with. The story is told in rhyme and you can't beat the charm and whimsy of the illustrations.  This surly won't be the last book for Tina.


In other news...once again, my book group did not like our book selection.  We select titles randomly, drawing them form a latte mug.  this happened to be my suggestion, and, like most of the films and other books I have tossed in, it bombed.  What can I say?  How can I explain this?  I can't.  My tastes may have changed a little in the past years - but to have all misses ...really, not one single hit?  Very troubling.  If you have insights, chime in.

What am I reading?  This morning I started readiang The Twelve Tribes of Hattie.  This is a moving book that is holding my attention.  I was sorry to have to put it down.  However, no matter how much I want to do it, I will not drop this title into the latte mug, I will not drop this title into the latte mug, I will not drop this title into the latte mug, I willnotdropthistitleintothelattemug.....

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