Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Reading Scares!

With Halloween approaching,  it seemed appropriate to once again attempt to read the one book I find more frightening than any other - A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.  Definitely a cult book and movie, the story centers on a gang of thugs who....well, that's about as far as I get.  I always stop at the disturbing scene where Alex tap dances accenting the dance with kicks to the stomach and head of an elderly man....all the while croaking out a hideous rendition of "Singing" in the Rain."

Look like Warren the 13th, a silly-scary tween novel is more my speed.  My advance copy came with this warning:
This Advance Reader copy contains 
 Secret Codes!
 And other sinister material!

Instead of troubling you further about my fear of the Burgess book - which, by the way is told using largely a made-up language - I will post these recently found fun facts for you.  Enjoy.

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