Monday, October 26, 2015

Warren the 13th

Warren is the 13 member of his family to own the Warren Hotel.  However, Warren 12 died when 13 was only seven and so the care of the business went to Uncle Rupert and his new wife, Annaconda.  Rupert is lazy; Annaconda is sneaky and in true Cinderella fashion, 12 acts as the lone bellhop, waiter, groundskeeper and errand boy. Annacondo says that real food is no good for a growing boy and so 12 lives on a diet of slop and whatever scraps Chef can sneak to him.

It comes as no surprise that the hotel has been empty since Rupert took control, but, as part one of the promising series opens. a tall, silent stranger  dressed in black approaches, his oddly narrow head wrapped in white bandages.  Annacondo is certain he is connected in some way to the fabled "All Seeing Eye."

You would think I'd  be reading furiously to discover what that Eye business is all about and whether or not 12 knows more than he lets on.  Of course the Boo Radley-esq guest piqued my curiosity, but not nearly as much as the little note from the author that was slipped inside of my advance reader copy (ARC)

ARCs burst with marketing information including a summary, bits about the author, on-line tools for promo used, that sort of thing.  The "Warren"packet included a poster, bookmarks and other goodies sure to entice readers.  Also included was a short note from the publisher ending with this challenge - " If you happen to spy a ten-word secret message in the margins of the story, could you email me at ......" and then he gives his address which I don't think was intended to share.  So, you guessed it, instead of finishing to book, I have been tearing through it, studying the margins trying to find that dang ten-word message.  You know how many I have found so far?  0.  I'm not going to tell you how long and hard I have searched, but I am so angry with Jason Rekulak that I am tempted to reveal his email address so you can all send him evil words on my behalf.  I am betting there is no hidden message and Jason is sitting in an office spinning in his bign fancy-pants desk chair  giggling about all the booksellers he has certainly duped into a ridiculous snipe hunt.  Book two is scheduled for release in 2016. I can't wait!

Last Friday I had the opportunity to meet Helen Frost and hear her speak about her young readers' novel Diamond Willow.  the signing took place at the Spirit of the Rivers studio (far Franklin Street end of the former Kresgee building).  If you haven't seen these sculptures yet, check out the website to see when the studio will be open again.  In the meantime, we still have a couple signed copied of Helen's book for you.

What's next?  Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler

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