Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Madness

Cold, wet, rainy, angry Halloween.  Angry?  Oh yes.  Little did I know that kids who spend two hours going from house to house holding open bags to receive free sweet or sour what-nots, would not appreciate something different tossed into their bags. I thought for sure that giving them something other than a fun-sized, one bite and it's gone Snickers would be welcome.  Think about it.  Twixt.. M&M's...Milky Way....Nerds...Reeses Pieces....dropping into your bag over and over and over.  How about a nice, heavy duty glow stick?  I thought it was a great idea.  I love glow sticks.  But no.  I am the devil incarnate because of those very expensive glow sticks.  There were sad faces and there were angry faces.  There were even some angry words.  "But Bev, we wanted candy."  What they didn't know was that I had candy as well, but after the nasty glow stick reception, I got stubborn and didn't get the candy out.  Bottom line - I have a ton of candy and lots of glow sticks to share in the coming weeks.  

After the trick or treat debacle, I cracked open this book which I wanted to read before watching the movie.  I knew that the movie had not been a blockbuster hit, but figured the book had to be better. I was disappointed to learn that in this case, the movie came before the book.   Oh well.
The Astronaut's Wife comes off as a contrived combo of "Alien" and Rosemary's Baby.  Astronaut Spencer Armacost (played in the movie by Johnny Depp) experiences a two-minute communication loss with NASA while on a space-walking mission with another astronaut.   After returning to Earth, the second astronaut dies, his wife becomes pregnant with twins and commits suicide. Jillian Armacost also becomes pregnant with twins.  Shebegins to notice changes in her husband, subtle at first, but eventually growing more extreme.

Spencer appeares to be receiving messages in early morning hours through weird radio broadcasts.  Jillian presses him for answers about what happened during the missing two minutes but that continued line of questioning only aggravates him.  Eventually, Jillian makes contact with a former NASA agent who provides her with startling information proving that Spencer is dead and his body has been inhabited by aliens.  Oh my.  The strangeness continues though an obtuse scene with a toaster.  Then the book cuts to the first day of school for the twin boys and ......
both the book and the movie were OK - the book up until the last twenty pages, and the movie until the last twenty minutes.  Not sorry I read or watched.  
Now I'm going to crack some glow sticks and eat chocolate.