Monday, February 20, 2017

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books occupy a special book shelf in many people's hearts.  Here are some fun LGB facts for you:

1942 - LGB launched at 25 cents each, democratizing reading for young Americans.  At that time, children's books were a luxury for many, selling from $2-$3 each.

Twelve books were in the first LGB line-up and most of those titles were in their 7th printing by 1945.

1947 - supermarkets started selling LGBs.

Doctor Dan the Bandage Man, 1945, released with Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids clued to the title page.

183 million LGBs sole by their 10th anniversary in 1952.

Mid-50's - lots of Goldens released based on Saturday Morning TV shows including my faves Howdy Doody and Davey Crockett.  All Golden titles were sold around the world except for the Soviet Union where they were considered too capitalistic.

The Poky Little Puppy - one billion copies in print by November of 1986...and still selling like crazy! many more milestones have been reached and celebrated.  In May of 2017, Margaret Wise Brown's Manners, is being released - a never before published title by the author of Goodnight Moon.

Yes, Goldens still exist.  And yes, they are as colorful and joyful as ever.  If your your childhood book collection is packed away for safe keeping, 2017 would be good year to page through some memories.

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